Welcome to our stamp home!
New polymer stamps and stamp sets....

Welcome to our stamp company!  Our company started in October of
2007. And we are still eager to show and share some of our products
with you. Come in, look around  and keep coming back!  We have a lot
more still to be added to our store. Polymer stamps are sometimes called
acrylic or clear stamps, these are sticky so they are sure to stay on your
acrylic block. We hope you think that these are jazzy stamps too!
Our products are made in the USA!
We random test the stamp to insure you get
the best!
Customer Service is important to us....
Please email any comments you have, good
or bad!
We are stamping up a storm!

These stamps are all our original designs and we are creating new
designs often to keep things fresh and exciting. We look forward to
getting to know the creative people who love stamping and how they
use the stamps, whether it be in layouts card making or other
crafting venues! We display the stamps from people just like you! If
you would love to show how you used our stamps we would love to add
it to our site! Email us your creation at
thedreamer@thatsjazzystampdreams.com. Thank you for sharing
your love for our stamps!!!!
What we are all about
This is our mascot Skeeter. I came across this
sketch I did awhile back and thought how he looked
like he was dreaming. I also thought of my Dad when
deciding a name. He would always say "that's jazzy" when he liked
something. Knowing I wanted these elements to be apart of our business
logo and knowing I wanted to emphasis the stamping part of our business
we came up with our name!
That's Jazzy Stamp Dreams
What's NEW!!!!

The year has been moving rapidly along! June is just around the
corner and sad to say I haven't been able to make any new
stamps. We are having issues/problems with the negatives from
our supplier and as of the beginning of the year they haven't
had any in stock. Until then we are getting everything ready
for when they do get them in! Boy to we have a load of new
designs to turn into stamps!!!  
I do have several new stamps
that I have yet to load here but you can find them on
my other
sites like ETSY, ArtFire and Zibbets...that's right you can also
find these Jazzy stamps at those locations!  But here are
the newest stamps...They are below so just click on the
mage of the stamp set you like and the link will take you to the
on my ETSY shop!  
Here are some samples of the "hi!" stamp. Just the right size
for cards!  Here are a few by Joan Umano, Diane Waite and
Regina Jones!!!! Click on the Thumbnail to view.
And as always, check out some wonderful new projects by all my
friends! I have updated the site with thumbnails! This way we
can pack more layouts to inspire you!
We are also trying to improve the site with a shopping cart and
exact postage, so please be patient with us!!! If you want
several stamps, go to Contact Us and drop us a email of the
stamps you want. We will send you an invoice from paypal when
they are ready to ship. Or head to the Etsy shop...it's just so
Thanks for stopping by...don't forget to come back! We have a
lot more ideas on the way.
and it will take you to
the page they are on.