Here's a snowman that
won't melt, well maybe your
heart! He stands about 2
1/4" and 2 " wide from
branch to branch. The three
snowflakes measure
around a 1/2" across and
pair nicely with "3 flakes".
Tag and layout by Sheila
Oxley.  Layout by Regina
Jones. Click on thumbnails
to view!
"Just  Chill Bill"
These three flakes will
go wonderfully with
"Just Chill Bill". The
smallest flake is 3/4"
and the largest is over 1
1/2'" wide.
The layouts were
created by Joan Umano
and Tricia Gorden. Click
on thumbnail to view!

"Three Flakes"
This jolly little reindeer
would love to be a part of
your layouts and
projects. He sits just
under 3" tall and about
2" wide. Just perfect for
a tag and cards!
Christmas countdown
clipboard by Regina
Jones. Click on
thumbnail to view!

"Diddit Reindeer"
This pumpkin patch is full of
some interesting characters.
The Title is great for your
sweet Pumpkin along with
the friendly bunch of
The title is over 1 1/2" tall and
the word Pumpkin is over 4
1/4" long. Card by Lynda
Lindley. Large Layouts by
Regina Jones and small
layouts by Sheila Oxley.
Click on thumbnail to view!

Pumpkin Patch
What a friendly Ghost and
spider waiting to be
included in your Halloween
projects! With candy and
the title Happy Halloween,
you'll be ready to wish
everyone a Happy
The title is about 1" high
and Halloween is 4 3/4"
long. Small layouts by
Sheila Oxley. Click on
thumbnail to enlarge.

Happy Halloween
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Here is a fun set to show
that special someone how
you feel about them!
The heart measures about
2" wide and the words fit in
the heart, just like the
yummy candies on
Valentines Day. These
would make great cards or
a border on a layout!

"Sweets for My Sweets"
Isn't he a happy fellow! Just
waiting for all that
Halloween candy! This fun
little guy will go great with
Pumpkin Patch or Happy
Halloween stamp sets!
He measures 2" around.

Jolly Pumpkin
These types of sets are what I
like...versatile! My friend Amy
help me with this idea!!! This set
is a fun way to create
gingerbread cookies without
much mess! Great for Christmas
baking gift tags for
baked goods or for those
Christmas baking layouts! But
they  can be used all through the
year! Check out Tricia Gorden's  
The gingerbread man is  4" high
and 3 1/4" wide.

Amy's Gingerbread Cookie Fun
Gingerbread Cookie Fun set... but
don't let that fool you! Here is a
card from Tricia Gorden that's for
anytime of the year!
There are 15 separate stamps to
mix and match and spell what you
would like.  Get those goodie bags
ready for the holidays or special
occasions that make you want to
bake from the heart!
The word "Holiday" stamp is 1 3/4"
long by almost 1/2" tall.

Amy's Cookie Words clear stamps