Journal & Word Block Stamps
This is the largest of
the word blocks
measuring in at 2 x 4".
But with only 9
different words. It
works great end to end
or top and bottom!

Create Words block
Can you believe this has
an animal name for every
letter of the alphabet!!!
This is a great stamp for
Zoo, Circus or the stuffed
menagerie that invades
most homes with young
ones!!! This stamp
measures 2 1/4" x 2 3/4" .
Animal Words A to Z
This stamp will probably
come in very handy for
baby invitations!!! Also
great for the many baby
layouts you will be doing
of the new addition!!!
This stamp measures
approximately 2 1/2" x 2

Baby words block
The word block stamps have several words that describe a single subject. Use as
an accent or stamp it several times to make a boarder around photos or journaling
blocks! You can even get creative and highlight a single word or two!!!! And what a
great background for cards!!! Have fun and create!!!!
This stamp will be
great for your days at
the beach!!! I can just
feel the sand the
fresh sea breeze
blowing across my
face!!!!  This stamp is
2" x 3"

Beach Words block
These would be great
used on invites to a
birthday party or
thank you notes!!!
Then use them in the
layout of the party!!!  2

Birthday Words Block
Boys will be boys!!! All I
had to do was look at my
little one and see all be
great for all types of boy
pages!!! They would also
be great as
announcements of a new
little boy!!!  This stamp is
approximately 2 1/2" x 2

Boy Words Block
Sugar and spice and
all things nice! Just
like the boy stamp you
can do so many
creative things with
the girl stamp!!! This
stamp is 2 1/4" x 2 3/4"

Girl Word Block
Your kids may not be
ready for school but
this stamp is!!! Or at
least the layouts of
school! Also great for
school pictures! This
stamp is  2 1/4" x 2

School Words Block
You can mix and match
these words to create
the title just right for
your layout or project.
The titles are
approximately 11/4"
tall and Memories is
just over 41/2" long.
Both Layouts were
done by Joan Umano.
Click on thumbnails to

My Life
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to us through the Contact Us page.
After your order is filled we will send an invoice  to your
email address.
These cuties will help tell
your story! With the lines
all ready there all you have
to do is stamp and journal!!!
Use them on baby, farm
and petting zoo pages or
how about a set of baby
shower or birth
announcements!  Each
stamp is 2 1/2" wide by
almost 4" high.

Sleep Sheep
Journal blocks
My friend Regina Jones came up with
this neat idea!
can be stamped repeatedly to give
the look of the kids school paper. Or
leave a single stamp and connect
This stamp is about 3 3/4" long and
them to give the look of a road for
your traveling layouts! Either way
they make journaling easy!  
Regina's ABCs on the Go!
This is a great stamp to
how you feel about them!
There is also an accent
stamp in this set.
The quote stamp
measures 3"wide by
21/4" high.

"Quote Friendship isn't"
This is a perfect
stamp for letting your
friends know they are
on your mind! Great
for card making! This
stamp measures over
3 1/4"wide x 2" high.

Thinking of You
This stamp will be used over
and over! It's great for
birthdays but also
graduation, new homes, get the idea!
It is over 2 3/4"w x 3/4"h
Here is a stamp that is great
for the everyday cards! It's
over 3 1/4" wide x over 1"
Just a note
Who wouldn't love to
receive some Happy
Thoughts!!!! This is a
wonderful way to send
them! This stamp
measures 3 1/4" wide
x 1 3/4" high!

Sending Happy Thoughts
This is a beautiful
way to wish
someone the Best!
You'll use this one
over and over! And at
2 1/2" wide x 2" high
it's a great size for
any card!

Best Wishes
This set has three
separate stamps giving
you three ways to say
thank you! Thank you
measures 4" across x
3/4" high! This beautiful
card was done by Amy
Duff. She also used
Shrooms to Grow!

Many Thanks
Let your friends know they are
on your mind by sending a
beautiful card made by you with
this stamp!!! It is perfect for
everyday cards and showing you

This stamp measures over 3 1/2"
across by over 1 1/4" high.

Have A Great Day!
This stamp is great  for
The letters are outlined
so you can color in or use
on pattern paper to
compliment your project!
The stamp is almost 2
1/4" by almost 1 1/2" high.

Make a Wish