Mix & Match~ables!
This is another Tricia Gorden
inspired stamp set!!!
Here is a set you will reach for
often! Not only because of the
versatility of this set but the ability
to add the other sets to it!
With this set you can use it to
journal or to date your projects, you
can also use it with invitations! The
solid circle fits into the flourish
circle and the journal lines fit in
both.  Use the cancellation marks to
add some fun!
When you add the other sets in the
mix & match~ables your options
are limitless!!!
The flourish circle is 2 1/2" round!
Layout by Sheila Oxley using "Date
Me!" and "Friends and Buds"

"Date Me!" set
This is a great set to add just
the right accent to your layout
or projects! The stamp is big
enough to frame little 1 x 1
1/2" photos! And the three
words fit in perfectly! They
also fit in the circles from
"Date Me!" set!!!

The stamp is approximately 2"
x  1 1/2".  The flowers are 1/4"
and 1/2" across. The cent
mark is also 1/2" high.

This little set is anything but
little! You can use it by itself,
with "Date Me!" and
"Stamped!". There are 9
stamps to help you add just the
right element to your projects!!!
Buds is approximately 1 1/2" x
3/4" and fits in the stamp or
circle from the other sets.  The
curved words are perfect for
the circle stamps in the "Date
Me!" set. Have fun Mixing and
"Friends & Buds!"
And still another from my
friend Tricia!!!
This set is great for giving
you a fun journaling block,
easy tags, or a unique
embellishment.  Use the
words with the tags or
without.  The journaling
lines can be used in the
tags horizontally or
vertically or by itself!!!!
The tags are approximately
2 3/4" x 1 3/4".

Tag Tricia, You're it!
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Here is a fun way to show
what happen during the
month! Or how about to
emphasize a special date!!!
This set works wonderfully
with "Date Me" but can also
be used on it's own or other
alph sets!!! Use different
colors to help emphasis
special days. The calendar is
over 5" wide and 3 1/4" high!

"Calendar Grid" set