In The Garden
This is a fun and versatile little
set. The corner flowers can
be used to make a daisy chain
or garland.
The smallest daisy is 3/4" and
the largest is 11/2" wide.
This is the inside of a card
sent from my friend Libby
Roberson, using lazy daisies
with paint!!! I love the effect!

Lazy Daisy
What's buggin' you? Not
these bugs, they don't bite or
sting! Perfect for a garden
page or card.
The butterfly is about 2 1/4"  
from top of the wing to the
bottom of the feet.
Mini book pages by Regina
Jones. Click on thumbnail to

What's Buggin' You?
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This set of clear stamps has 15 stamps in
it!!! Four are birds, 3 different sizes of
leaves and flowers plus a flower bud, 3
different groupings of leaves and flowers
and a branch to put them all on!!! So create
and enjoy!The branch is about 5 1/2" long
and the largest bird is about
1 1/2" tall. This set was the result of a lot of
brainstorming with Beckie!!! I hope you
enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Beckie's Love Birds
Here is a fun set of 6
stamps! Great for any
cards or outdoor pages.
They are outlined which
is perfect for coloring in
and matching any paper
you use! The largest
mushroom is 2 3/4" high!
These beautiful cards
were made by Amy Duff
and Tricia Gorden!

'Shrooms to Grow
This is a great set to mix and
match and make your own! You
can stamp each body piece on
separate paper, then layer them
together. Add feathers and ruffles
as you see fit! You can even use
the journal lines from the Date Me
set and use the owl as a
journaling block! There is so many
ways to use this set, it will be a
long time before you get bored of
The body with the feet is almost 3"
wide by 4 1/4" high.

"Owl-Sembly Required"
These bugs with their sweet
smiles will brighten any project
you do! They are perfect for
filling in with markers, colored
pencils or pens. Stamp them on
cardstock and pattern paper
for  a finished look that will
match your project! Invite them
to sit on your cards and send
your friends a giggle!
The snail is over 2 1/4" wide
and 2" high.

Not-So-Creepy Crawlers
What a sweet face!
This barn owl will
make a special
person smile! This
set has 4 stamps
and the owl is over
3" tall.
And just look at
what Tricia Gorden
and Amy Duff did
with this set!

Guess Whoo!
This little bunny will
steal every ones
heart! This set is
great for cards, but
you can also use
them on layouts and
other projects! The
bunny stamp is 3"
tall! The phrase is
separate into two
parts "Some bunny"
"loves you!

Bunny Love
This single rose will be a
great addition to your card
making arsenal! Perfect for
Mother's Day, Valentine's
Day, Wedding and
anniversary cards. Not to
mention gardening layouts or
to document a special event
for Mom. And they are perfect
for coloring in to match your
project! Card by Tricia Gorden.
The stamp is 3 1/2" tall x
about 2 1/4" wide.

A Rose is a Rose
I love this stamp! This butterfly
will look right at home on any
project! And since you color her
wings in, it will coordinate
perfectly! I can see this stamped
on a transparency and colored in
with alcohol inks!!! These
beautiful cards are by Tricia
The butterfly measures 3 1/4"
wide x almost 2 1/2" high.

Stain Glass Butterfly